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2016 Title 24 Code Change Advocacy

Through Codes and Standards Enhancement (CASE) Reports, the IOUs/POUs will provide California Energy Commission with the technical and cost-effectiveness information required to make informed judgments on proposed standards for promising energy efficiency design practices and technologies. Stakeholder Meetings provide an opportunity for stakeholders to help inform the development of these codes change proposals. The IOUs/POUs encourage participation in this step of the process through the submission of data— both primary sources and references to existing data, e.g., reports, spreadsheets, etc.

The following list presents the CASE topics that the IOUs/POUs are pursed for the 2016 code cycle. Due to the change in the effective date of the 2013 Title 24 Standards and quickly approaching CASE Reports deadline for the 2016 Title 24 Standards, the IOUs/POUs are pursuing fewer topics than originally projected.

2016 Measures
Residential Lighting
Nonresidential Indoor Lighting Power Densities (LPDs)
Nonresidential Lighting Controls: Partial-On Occupancy Sensors
Outdoor Lighting Power Allowance (LPA)
Outdoor Lighting Controls (incl. Bi-level)
Nonresidential Opaque Envelope
Nonresidential HVAC/Water Equipment Efficiencies (Based on ASHRAE 90.1)
Direct Digital Control (DDC) (Based on ASHRAE 90.1)
Door & Window Switch Controls (Based on ASHRAE 90.1)
Nonresidential Fan Efficiency Grade (Based on ASHRAE 90.1)
Elevators Lighting & Ventilation (Based on ASHRAE 90.1)
Escalators & Moving Walkways Speed Control (Based on ASHRAE 90.1)
High Performance Attics / Ducts in Conditioned Spaces (HPA/DCS)
Residential High Performance Walls
Residential HVAC Field Verification and Diagnostics
Nonresidential HVAC Economizer Modifications
Residential Instantaneous Water Heaters
Plug Load Modeling
Nonresidential Minimum Skylight Area
Lighting Clarification and Controls
Nonresidential Thermally Driven Cooling Model
Occupant Controlled Smart Thermostat (OCST)*
*SMUD-sponsored measure