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Drain Water Heat Recovery

Residential Water Heating

Codes and Standards Enhancement (CASE) Report

The Statewide CASE Team 2019 Title 24, Part 6 Final CASE Report is available below. The Final CASE Report incorporates feedback received during utility-sponsored stakeholder meetings, Energy Commission Pre-Rulemaking workshops, and personal communication with stakeholders. We encourage stakeholders to email feedback on the Final CASE Report to You can also participate in the 2019 Title 24, Part 6 Standards updated by attending the Energy Commission workshops and submitting written comments to the rulemaking docket. Refer to the Pre-Rulemaking and Rulemaking Workshop Notices for instructions on how to submit comments to the Energy Commission’s docket (available here).

Final CASE Report: Residential Drain Water Heat Recovery

Draft CASE Report: Residential Drain Water Heat Recovery

Measure Description

The drain water heat recovery (DWHR) measure is completely new in the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards, and saves water heating energy expended during showering. This measure applies to new construction of low-rise residential buildings. DWHR is likely cost-effective in some high-rise residential and some nonresidential applications (e.g. hotel laundry rooms), but only the new construction low-rise residential section of the standards will be modified. In addition, only savings from showering will be modeled in the residential energy software. DWHR comes in horizontal and vertical configurations, but only vertical units are included in this measure, because there is currently no performance testing standard for horizontal units. IAMPO and a horizontal manufacturer are currently working on such a standard, which the manufacturer expects to be completed in July 2017 and titled IAPMO IGC-346.