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2016 CASE Reports

CASE Reports propose code change language for measures. Each CASE Report below contains pertinent information that justifies the code change including:

  • Description of the code change proposal, the measure history, and existing standards;
  • Market analysis, including a description of the market structure for specific technologies, market availability, and how the proposed standard will impact building owners and occupants, builders, and equipment manufacturers, distributers, and sellers;
  • Methodology and assumption used in the analyses energy and electricity demand impacts, cost-effectiveness, and environmental impacts;
  • Results of energy and electricity demand impacts analysis, Cost-effectiveness Analysis, and environmental impacts analysis; and
  • Proposed code change language.
Measure Name CASE Report
High Performance Attics / Ducts in Conditioned Spaces (HPA/DCS) CASE Report (PDF)
Residential High Performance Walls CASE Report (PDF)
Residential Lighting CASE Report (PDF)
Lighting Power Allowance (LPA) CASE Report (PDF)
Outdoor Lighting Controls (incl. Bi-level) CASE Report (PDF)
Nonresidential Indoor Lighting Power Densities (LPDs) CASE Report (PDF)
Nonresidential Lighting Controls: Partial-On Occupancy Sensors CASE Report (PDF)
Nonresidential Opaque Envelope CASE Report (PDF)

CASE Report Addendum (PDF)

Nonresidential HVAC Economizer Modifications CASE Report (PDF)
Residential HVAC Field Verification and Diagnostics CASE Report (PDF)
Residential Instantaneous Water Heaters CASE Report (PDF)

CASE Report Addendum (PDF)

Proposals based on ASHRAE 90.1-2013 CASE Report (PDF)
Nonresidential HVAC/Water Equipment Efficiencies (Based on ASHRAE 90.1) CASE Report (PDF)
Plug Load Modeling CASE Report (PDF)
Lighting Clarification and Controls CASE Report (PDF)
Minimum Skylight Area CASE Report (PDF)
Nonresidential Thermally Driven Cooling Model CASE Report (PDF)