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Nonresidential HVAC

2019 Title 24 CASE Topics

The following nonresidential HVAC topics are being considered for the 2019 Title 24 code change cycle. The CASE Team is currently requesting feedback and data from stakeholders. Please send us an email to participate in this process at

This measure is comprised of four (4) sub-measures, which are described below.

1 of 4: Fan System Power: This measure will update fan system power requirements to align with ASHRAE 90.1 Table Fan Power Limitation, and Table Fan Power Limitation Pressure Drop Adjustment. The measure will also investigate strengthening the fan system power equation coefficients.

2 of 4: Exhaust Air Energy Recovery: This measure will evaluate the feasibility of incorporating the ASHRAE 90.1 Section prescriptive exhaust air energy recovery requirements . Requirements will be presented in a similar method as Tables and

3 of 4: Equipment Efficiency : This measure will capture updates to mandatory equipment efficiencies in the ASHRAE 90.1 Section 6.8.1 tables.

4 of 4: Water Side Economizer: This measure will align with the language for integrated water-side economizers and maximum pressure drop for pre-heating coils in ASHRAE 90.1 Section In addition, it will align with Addenda du to ASRHAE 90.1-2010 by requiring water-side economizers for hydronic systems, and include heat rejection fan requirements.

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This measure proposes increasing the cooling tower minimum gpm/ton requirement.

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Economizer fault detection and diagnostics (FDD) enables automatic detection and diagnosis of economizer faults, such as a sensor failure, that can improve economizer operation. The proposed code change would introduce FDD requirements for built-up air handlers greater than 54,000 kBtu/h in capacity. FDD systems can be standalone, such as those on-board many packaged systems, or they can be integrated into a building direct digital control (DDC) system.

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