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Nonresidential Lighting

2019 Title 24 CASE Topics

The following indoor and outdoor lighting topics are being considered for the 2019 Title 24 code change cycle. The CASE Team is currently requesting feedback and data from stakeholders. Please send us an email to participate in this process at

This measure is proposing to reduce lighting power densities (LPDs) for all nonresidential indoor areas by updating Tables 140.6-B, 140.6-C, 140.6-D, and 140.6-G. This measure will build on the new ASHRAE 90.1/189.1 proposals by using all LEDs for LPD calculations. This measure will also investigate potential quality requirements for LED GSL lamps and tubes, and investigate variable correlated color temperature (CCT) systems in terms of their energy consumption and how they can meet compliance.

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This measure is proposing to reduce lighting power allowances (LPAs) for all nonresidential outdoor areas. Specifically, this measure is proposing to evaluate and calculate all outdoor LPAs using LEDs as the baseline and update Tables 140.7-A and 140.7-B. This measure will also ensure that all new LPAs can be met with warm temperature LEDs (3000K).

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This measure intends to apply occupancy sensor requirements for lighting poles taller than 24 feet, with reference to Title 24 Part 6, Section 130.2(c)3. Currently, occupancy sensors are required on lighting poles under 24 feet, and because of recent improvements of occupancy sensor technology, it is now feasible to use occupancy sensors on taller poles.

Additionally, this measure intends to develop procedure for testing detection distance of outdoor controls in coordination with California Lighting Technology Center and NEMA/ANSI C136.54 working group.

Finally, there is potential energy savings in reducing the wattage exemption from control requirements in pole-mounted fixtures (currently < 75 watts) and non-pole-mounted fixtures (currently

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This measure proposes mandatory auto daylight dimming plus OFF controls and mandatory occupancy-based controls in nonresidential restrooms to align 2019 Title 24 with ASHRAE 90.1

No proposed measures at this time. Need to quantify the effect of expected lower 2019 Lighting Power Densities (LPDs) on energy savings from alterations, particularly from 50% / 35% wattage reduction compliance option.

Consider requirements that encourage a comprehensive approach to daylighting with the focus on improved daylight distribution:

  • Provide PAF for shading devices (fixed louvers with calculated angle)
  • Introduce requirements for clerestories (prescriptive for selected building type(s))
  • Consider requirements for skylights (prescriptive for selected building type(s) to meet lower ceiling requirement than current requirement)

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