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Request for Input

2016 Title 24 CASE Topics

The Statewide CASE Team (Pacific Gas & Electric Company, Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Company, San Diego Gas & Electric Company, and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power) are actively supporting the California Energy Commission in updating the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24). Their joint intent is to achieve significant energy savings through the development of reasonable, responsible, and cost-effective code change proposals for the 2016 code update and beyond.

Through Codes and Standards Enhancement (CASE) Studies, the Codes and Standards Program provided standards and code-setting bodies with the technical and cost-effectiveness information required to make informed judgments on proposed regulations for promising energy efficiency design practices and technologies. Thanks to all who responded to the request for input for the 2016 code update cycle and submitted input.

Measures RFI PDF
Residential Lighting Residential Lighting RFI (PDF)
Nonresidential Indoor Lighting Power Densities (LPDs) Indoor Lighting LPDs RFI (PDF)
Nonresidential Lighting Controls: Partial-On Occupancy Sensors Partial-ON Occupancy Sensors RFI (PDF)
Outdoor Lighting Power Allowance (LPA) No RFI available at this time
Outdoor Lighting Controls (including bi-level controls) Outdoor Lighting Controls RFI (PDF)
Nonresidential Envelope U-factors Envelope U-factors RFI (PDF)
HVAC/Water Equipment Efficiencies (Based on ASHRAE 90.1) Gas Equipment Efficiency RFI (PDF)
Direct Digital Controls (Based on ASHRAE 90.1) Direct Digital Controls RFI (PDF)
Door Switch Controls (Based on ASHRAE 90.1) No RFI available at this time
Fan Efficiency (Based on ASHRAE 90.1) Nonresidential Fan Efficiency RFI (PDF)
Elevators Lighting & Ventilation (Based on ASHRAE 90.1) Electric Savings – Elevators RFI (PDF)
Escalators & Moving Walkways Speed Control (Based on ASHRAE 90.1) Electric Savings – Escalators RFI (PDF)
High Performance Attics / Ducts in Conditioned Spaces (HPA/DCS) HPA/DCS RFI (PDF)
Residential High Performance Walls High Performance Walls RFI (PDF)
Residential HVAC Field Verification and Diagnostics Res HVAC Field Verification & Diagnostics RFI (PDF)
Nonresidential HVAC Economizer Modifications NR HVAC Economizer Modifications RFI (PDF)

FDD Certification Guidance (PDF)

Residential Instantaneous Water Heaters Instantaneous WHs RFI (PDF)
Nonresidential Thermally Driven Cooling Model Thermally Driven Cooling Model RFI (PDF)