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Residential Lighting

Given the revised effective date for the new 2013 Title 24 standards, we will only be holding one stakeholder meeting for 2016 nonresidential and residential lighting measures. However, we are requesting stakeholder feedback on the direction of the code change proposals as well as input on specific assumptions about costs, energy impacts, and market analysis. This feedback will be used to further develop proposals and aid in planning the stakeholder meeting that will take place in early 2014. CASE topics and associated contact information is provided in the table below.

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Information about upcoming stakeholder meetings in 2014 will be posted on our website and through email communication. The location of the meetings, agenda, presentation, and meeting notes will be posted as they become available. Webinars will be held simultaneously.

As part of the IOU effort, we invite you to join our stakeholder process regarding Indoor and Outdoor Lighting building energy efficiency topics by clicking on the following link:

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