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Call for Data!

Help Inform Code Change Proposals 

The Statewide CASE Team develops CASE Reports that presents the justification for an energy code change proposal for the Energy Commission’s consideration on what to adopt. CASE Reports need to include robust substantiating analysis to develop proposals that will work with current market realities. We seek representative and current data to create proposals that are realistic and consider many possible design implications.

If you or your organization has engaged in analysis, conducted research, released surveys, or produced data that would prove valuable in promoting improvements to the California Energy Code, we want to hear from you!

What do we need?

The following categories of data are most useful to the Energy Commission as they evaluate the adoptability and readiness of each measure.

  • Energy Savings – quantifiable savings (in BTUs, kW, etc.) that can be attributed to a specific measure
  • Technical Feasibility – how well-established the technology or practice is in the industry
  • Market Readiness – availability in the market, and certainty regarding performance, reliability and cost
  • Non-energy Benefits – consumer or societal benefits such as improved health and safety, increased productivity, reduced water use, GHG emission reductions, reduced fossil fuel consumption
  • Costs
    • Life Cycle Costs
    • First Costs
    • Operational Costs
  • Economic Impacts – job creation, environment and social justice, equity 

Other factors to consider include the statistical significance of the findings, relevance to California climate zones and availability of the information to the public.

How to submit to the Statewide CASE Team

We commit to maintaining confidentiality regarding your contributions, and we are happy to consider using Non-Disclosure Agreements if requested. Alternatively, we can also provide a full citation of your contribution in the CASE Report.

Submit data to the Statewide CASE Team (email)
Submit data directly to the California Energy Commission

While we will consider all contributions of information at any time, for data anticipated to support the 2025 cycle, the sooner we receive your data, the better. Data submitted late in the cycle or post-cycle, is still welcome and will likely be used in support of the 2028 code cycle, see Title 24 2025 – Timeline and Key Milestones.

Examples of Potential Measures Where Data is Needed

  • Heat pump water heating (all building types and climate zones)
  • Heat pump space heating (all building types and climate zones)

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The Statewide CASE Team periodically distributes email notifications that advertise upcoming meetings, provide materials from past meetings, and update stakeholders on the progression of the Energy Commission’s rulemaking process. You can choose to receive measure-specific and/or general updates on these topics depending on your needs.

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