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2022 Cycle Timeline and Key Milestones

Timeline Statewide CASE Team Milestone Energy Commission Milestone
October 2018 –
February 2019
2022 measures selected. Stakeholder outreach to request input on scope of 2022 code cycle.
April 2019 Work plans completed; begin work on CASE Reports.  
August –
November 2019
First round of utility-sponsored stakeholder meetings.  
March – May 2020 Second round of utility-sponsored stakeholder meetings.  
May – June 2020 Draft CASE Reports posted for public review.  
August –
September 2020
Final CASE Reports completed.  
December 2020
  Energy Commission Pre-rulemaking
December 2020 –
May 2021
  Energy Commission Rulemaking
May 2021   2022 Standards adopted


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