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2025 Code Cycle EEEJ Summary Report

The EEEJ Summary Report reviews what the Statewide CASE Team has done during the 2025 Code Cycle to keep equity an integral consideration throughout the code development process. It presents the Statewide CASE Team’s equity framework and reviews stakeholder engagement activities. The report also consolidates discussions on how code change proposals, as presented in published Final CASE Reports, could potentially impact disproportionally impacted populations (DIPs). The sections of code change proposals presented within the report are a part of the effort to integrate and prioritize equity alongside the efforts to develop technical and cost-effectiveness information for proposed requirements on building energy-efficient design practices and technologies. 

The Statewide CASE Team’s EEEJ efforts will continue after the 2025 code cycle comes to an end. In future code cycles, the Statewide CASE Team is committed to furthering relationships with CBOs and inviting feedback on proposed code changes with a goal of engagement with these organizations representing DIPs throughout the code cycle. 

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