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Nonresidential Daylighting, Lighting Language Clean-Up, and Existing Buildings Utility-Sponsored Stakeholder Meeting

February 24, 2023 | 9am–12:15pm PT

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Statewide CASE Team’s Utility-Sponsored Stakeholder Meetings – Round 1

Join the Statewide Codes and Standards Enhancement (CASE) Team to contribute to proposed changes for the 2025 California Energy Code. The CASE Team is hosting a series of interactive webinars in January and February to gather input on the proposed 2025 Energy Code Cycle initiatives.

These webinars provide an opportunity to collaborate on cost-effective proposals to update the California Energy Code and improve energy efficiency and system performance in California buildings.

The February 24, 2023 meeting covers the following proposed CASE reports: 


9:00 AM Start
  Existing Buildings
9:20 Mandatory Commissioning
9:50 Mass Wall Alterations
10:10 Discussion
10:30 Break
  Energy Code Lighting Language Cleanup Initiative (CLTC)
10:40 Nonresidential & Residential Lighting
11:10 Discussion
11:30 Automatic Daylighting Controls Exceptions
12:00 Discussion and Wrap-Up
12:15 Meeting Adjourns

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  • Date
    February 24, 2023
  • Time
    9am–12:15pm PT
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