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2019 Daylighting Symposium

Event Description

On April 29, 2019, the California Investor-Owned Utilities, in partnership with the National Electrical Manufacturers Association Daylight Management Council, hosted the 2019 Daylighting Symposium. The Symposium provided a forum for invited industry experts, academics, agency representatives, and manufacturers of daylighting building products and systems. Participants explored daylight management solutions that address glare mitigating through the design, evaluation, application, and operation of manual, passive, or automated systems.

Symposium objectives:

  1. Help accelerate market adoption of proven, cost-effective daylight management technologies and practices, by offering a respectful environment for planning & coordination.
  2. Present relevant case studies that convey the state of daylight management and glare mitigation in current practice, and identify opportunities to improve daylighting design and operational success.
  3. Inform overall prioritization of daylighting measures for the Title 24, Part 6, 2022 code cycle and beyond

Event Materials

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