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Residential Code Readiness Project: G. J. Gardner Site Monitoring Report

PG&E’s Code Readiness subprogram (within PG&E’s Codes and Standards Program) strives to collect data on measures and technologies that will support more robust advocacy in future code cycles rulemakings as well as inform voluntary energy efficiency programs. Additionally, by encouraging residential builders and commercial building owners or developers to enlist in this effort, participants gain first-hand experience with installation, code compliance, and performance characteristics of these advanced measures. For this Code Readiness residential project located in Porterville, CA, the primary objectives of the project were to document the installed efficiency measures, assess builder response to the installed measures (costs, installation issues), document any commissioning data, report on full year occupied home monitored energy use by end use, and compare annual energy end uses to compliance model projections.

Original Publication Date: August 21, 2018

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