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Scoping Report: Multifamily Code Options for 2022

When the California Energy Commission (CEC) first created Title 24 Building Energy Efficiency Standards in 1977, the focus was on single family homes. At the time, multifamily dwellings represented about a third of new residential units. Since that time, efficiency standards developed primarily for single-family homes have been applied to low-rise multifamily residential units. Likewise, nonresidential building equipment and envelope characteristics have been applied to high-rise multifamily buildings. Throughout the 1990s, building codes focused on multifamily housing never emerged due to a decline in multifamily new construction from 1985 to 1993 and little growth for the following ten years. Likewise, the first utility-sponsored multifamily new construction program was not launched until 1999, two decades after single-family new construction programs. From then until now, interest in multifamily-specific standards has greatly increased. In early 2018, the CEC made a public commitment to appropriately address multifamily in the 2022 Standards.

Original publication date: January 4, 2019

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