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Nonresidential HVAC Space Heating

Proposal Description

This CASE Report presents justifications for code changes to HVAC requirements that refine and build on prior code changes to Title 24, Part 6 approved by the CEC. These proposed code changes address the challenges commercial buildings face in electrifying and continue to drive increases in efficiency in the following areas:

  • Limiting hot water supply temperature in hydronic systems to increase current efficiency and prepare for future electrification.
  • Requirements for mechanical heat recovery and thermal energy storage in new construction, yielding large per unit energy savings for the mechanical heat recovery plus thermal energy storage (HR + TES) measure.
  • Refinements to electric resistance heating that were found to be cost effective in most climate zones and small-to-medium building prototypes.

Relevant Documents

CASE Report

Round Two Utility-Sponsored Stakeholder Meeting Materials

Round One Utility-Sponsored Stakeholder Meeting Materials

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Submit feedback and view the Energy Commission's proceedings and available proposed code language by visiting their 2025 Building Energy Efficiency Standards page.

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The Statewide CASE Team values input from all stakeholders engaged in the Title 24, Part 6 code change process. We encourage the open exchange of code change comments and concerns.

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