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    2016 Title 24 Buildings Standards Development & Advocacy

    The California CASE Team is actively supporting the California Energy Commission in updating the California Building Energy Efficiency Standards. Their joint intent is to achieve significant energy savings through the development of reasonable, responsible, and cost-effective code change proposals for the 2016 code update and beyond.

  • 2016 Standards Pre-Rulemaking

    CEC's pre-rulemaking workshops provide an opportunity for stakeholders to help inform the development of codes change proposals. The workshops for the 2016 code update will take place in June - August 2014. For more information on how to participate in CEC's workshops, visit their public participation page using the link below.

Upcoming Events

For meeting presentations and notes from the Statewide CASE Team's Stakeholder Meetings as well as California Energy Commission's pre-rulemaking workshops schedule for the 2016 code change update, visit our Upcoming Events page.

Latest News

The effective date of the 2013 Title 24 Standards was July 1, 2014. More info on California Energy Commission 2013 Standards can be found here.

California Energy Commission's schedule for the 2016 Standards Workshops can be found here.

Contact Us

For general information on Stakeholder Meetings or to provide input on the proposed 2016 Title 24 Standards, please email us and include the topic group in the subject of your email.