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2022 Cycle

The Statewide CASE Team has selected measures for inclusion in Nonresidential, Multifamily, and Single Family CASE Reports in the 2022 code cycle. These 2022 standards will continue to improve upon the 2019 standards for new construction of, and additions and alterations to, residential and nonresidential buildings.

We encourage stakeholders to email us feedback throughout the process. You can also participate in the 2022 Title 24, Part 6 Standards update by attending the Energy Commission workshops and submitting written comments to the rulemaking docket. To submit a comment to the Energy Commission, refer to the Pre-Rulemaking and Rulemaking Workshop Notices, or click here.

Nonresidential CASE ReportsMultifamily CASE ReportsSingle Family CASE Reports

Nonresidential CASE Reports

CASE Report Measures Included
Nonresidential High Performance Envelope – Cool Roofs
– Thermal Bridging
– Roof Alterations
– Opaque Envelope
– High Performance Windows
Reduce Infiltration – Air Leakage Testing
– Reduce Infiltration through Doors
Nonresidential Indoor Lighting – Networked Lighting Controls
– Update Lighting Power Densities
– Multi-Zone Occupancy Sensing in Open Plan Offices
Nonresidential Outdoor Lighting Sources – Lighting Zone Reclassification
– Lighting Power Allowances for Parking Lots
– Multifamily Outdoor Lighting Power Allowances
Nonresidential Daylighting – Daylighting/Shading/Fenestration Update
– Daylighting Redirecting Devices
– Daylighting Code Language Cleanup
– Dimming to 10 Percent
HVAC Controls – Economizer Requirements
– Variable Air Volume Damper Position
– Guestroom Controls
Air Distribution – Fan Energy Index
– High Performance Ducts
– Duct Leakage Testing
Data Center Efficiency – Data Center Efficiency Improvements
High Efficiency Boilers and Service Water Heating – High Efficiency Boiler Systems
– High Efficiency Service Water Heating Systems
– Oxygen Trim Control
Nonresidential Grid Integration – Alternative Control Strategies for Demand Response Controls for HVAC Systems
– Adjust Demand Response Control Requirements for Lighting Systems in Response to Shift to Solid State Lighting
– Support Adding Compliance Options that Enable Load Shifting
Steam Trap Monitoring – Mandatory Automatic Monitoring Equipment
Compressed Air Systems Pipe Sizing
Leak Testing, Remediation, and Metering
Language Clean-up
Controlled Environment Horticulture Horticultural Lighting Minimum Efficacy
Environmental and Irrigation Controls
Efficient Dehumidification and Reuse of Transpired Water
Circulation Fan Minimum Performance Specifications
Refrigeration System Opportunities Establish Design and Control Requirements for Transcritical CO2 Systems
Establish Design and Control Requirements for Large Packaged Systems
Evaporator Minimum Specific Efficiency for Refrigerated Warehouses
Require Automatic Door Closers
Acceptance Testing for Commercial Refrigeration
Nonresidential Drainwater Heat Recovery – Drainwater Heat Recovery
Nonresidential Plug Load Modeling – Miscellaneous End Loads

Multifamily CASE Reports

CASE Report Measures Included
Multifamily Domestic Hot Water – Center Heat Pump Water Heaters
– Hot Water Distribution
– Solar Thermal Water Heating
– Multifamily Drainwater Heat Recovery
Multifamily All Electric Package – All Electric Pathway
Multifamily High Performance Envelope – Improved Fenestration U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient
– Window Area Limits and Metrics
– Quality Insulation Installation
– Reduced Thermal Bridging
– Improved Wall Assemblies
Multifamily Indoor Air Quality – Reduce Infiltration
– Reduce Leakage from Central Ventilation Shafts
– Balanced Ventilation and ERC/HRV Prescriptive Requirements
– Kitchen Exhaust Hood Capture Efficiency
Multifamily Drainwater Heat Recovery – Multifamily Drainwater Heat Recovery

Single Family CASE Reports

CASE Report Measures Included
Energy Savings & Process Improvements for Alterations and Additions – Improve Residential Energy Savings & Process for Alterations and Additions
– Expand Prescriptive Requirements
– Reroofing
– Alternative Calculation Method Software Updates
Passive House Prescriptive Pathway – Passive House Prescriptive Pathway
Single Family Grid Integration – Batteries
– HVAC Load-Shifting
– Heat Pump Water Heater Load-Shifting
– Home Automation
Fault Detection Diagnostics – Residential HVAC Fault Detection Diagnostics
Enhanced Air-to-Water Heat Pump Compliance Options – Hydronic Radiant Delivery
– Air-to-Water Pumps
– 3 Function Heat Pumps
– Off-peak Cooling
Variable Capacity HVAC Compliance Software Revisions – Compliance Requirements for Variable Capacity HVAC


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