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Single Family Enhanced Air-to-Water Heat Pump Compliance Options

Measure Description

The proposed code change is a compliance option intended to increase the flexibility of complying with the Title 24, Part 6 Standards. By improving Air-to-Water Heat Pump (AWHP) space conditioning modeling within CBECC-Res, builders would have additional flexibility and options in demonstrating compliance. The proposed change would differentiate performance between AWHPs that have variable speed compressors and those that have fixed speed compressors. The Statewide CASE Team also assessed whether modifications should be made to AWHPs which provide three function operation (combining both space conditioning and water heating functions) but determined that the existing recognition of AWHP water heating performance in the compliance software is adequate until the technology matures further and better data characterizing performance is available.In addition to enhanced modeling of AWHP performance, this proposal also recognizes hydronic radiant ceiling panels as a viable distribution type for AWHPs. The primary market for the technology is single family homes, although there is potential applicability for low-rise residential buildings. It is appropriate for new construction, additions, and alterations.

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