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Measure Description

The Statewide CASE Team proposes additional chapters for Title 24, Part 6, specific to multifamily buildings. The three chapters would cover mandatory requirements, prescriptive requirements, and addition and alteration requirements for multifamily dwelling unit and common area spaces. The content for each chapter would include portions of Title 24, Part 6 currently housed under the low-rise residential and nonresidential sections, marked-up for specific application to multifamily buildings. The chapters would include unified requirements that apply to multifamily buildings of all heights, with categorization by assembly or system type, application to dwelling units or common areas, and by systems serving individual dwelling units or central systems serving multiple dwelling units. Generally, the unification will apply low-rise residential and nonresidential requirements to multifamily buildings as follows:

  • The more stringent of the residential or nonresidential requirements for roofs, walls, floors, and windows, by assembly type, apply to multifamily building envelopes.
  • Residential HVAC requirements of sections 150.0, 150.1, and 150.2 apply to HVAC systems serving individual dwelling units. Nonresidential requirements of sections 120, 140, and 141 apply to HVAC systems serving common areas and central systems serving multiple dwelling units.
  • Residential domestic hot water requirements apply to individual and central systems serving dwelling units. (No change in application.)
  • Residential lighting requirements apply to dwelling unit lighting and outdoor fixtures controlled from within dwelling units. Nonresidential lighting requirements apply to common area and outdoor spaces. (No change in application.)

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