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Nonresidential Drain Water Heat Recovery

Measure Description

This measure would prescriptively require drain water heat recovery (DWHR) in nonresidential buildings types that are found to be cost-effective, as well as add DWHR as a compliance option for all nonresidential buildings. This CASE topic builds on a DWHR measure for low-rise residential in Title 24 2019 as a compliance credit and an alternative prescriptive path for gas storage water heaters, heat pump water heaters, and solar water-heating systems.

DWHR is an energy-saving technology used to reduce the amount of energy needed by a water heater or fixture to heat incoming water to the required temperature. The technology utilizes a heat exchanger in the drain line to pre-heat makeup water supplied to the cold-water side of a water heater or fixture. The device can be installed in either an equal flow configuration (with preheated water being routed to both the water heater and the fixture) or an unequal flow configuration (preheated water directed to either the water heater or fixture). DWHR devices are available in horizontal and vertical configurations, and both are included in this measure

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