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Nonresidential Drainwater Heat Recovery

Measure Description

This CASE Report will look at drainwater heat recovery (DWHR) for nonresidential buildings. The measure will assess a compliance option or prescriptive requirements for DWHR systems in newly constructed nonresidential buildings. The features would be added to the compliance software to allow designers to receive compliance credit if they choose to install drainwater heat recovery units. The credit would be available for limited applications such as drain lines for showers in recreation centers, dishwashing stations in commercial kitchens, and clothes washers in laundry facilities. The Statewide CASE Team will evaluate appropriate verification requirements for nonresidential drainwater heat recovery units.

This measure would also update the prescriptive pathways in Section 150.1(c)8, refine the HERS test procedure, and update the Nonresidential Alternative Calculation Method Reference Manual calculations.

Relevant Documents

Measure proposals, supporting documents, and other outside references will be made public as they become available.

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