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Single Family Grid Integration

Measure Description

This CASE Report will evaluate the ability of load shifting technologies to reduce grid impacts. Single family targeted applications include: batteries, HVAC load shifting, heat pump water heater load shifting controls, and home automation technologies that have the potential to coordinate the operation of multiple load-shifting measures.

The first two submeasures (batteries and HVAC and load shifting) are currently integrated in the latest release version of 2019 CBECC-Res, and the Statewide CASE Team’s focus will be on evaluating the 2019 implementations to determine if any existing requirements or measure credits should be modified. Heat pump water heater load shifting will be included in an upcoming 2019 CBECC-Res software upgrade which will be evaluated, and a determination will be made to modify the approach, if new research indicates a change is warranted. Since the home automation submeasure has not yet been implemented, the Statewide Team will develop new modeling rules and guidelines that are fair and accurate.

In addition, the Statewide CASE Team will review potential residential demand response cleanup activities identified in the 2019 Final Demand Response Clean-up CASE report. Demand flexibility measures are very important as a means to integrate buildings with a changing electrical grid where challenges are created by increasing photovoltaic and wind generation coupled with growing demand. These grid harmonization measures would all be compliance options for the residential sector.

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