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Nonresidential HVAC Controls

Proposal Description

This CASE measure would add requirements for the use of control sequences from ASHRAE Guideline 36. The purpose of Guideline 36 is to provide detailed, uniform sequences of operation for HVAC systems that are intended to maximize energy efficiency and performance, provide control stability, and allow for real-time fault detection and diagnostics. Where there are existing prescriptive HVAC control requirements in the California Energy Code for direct digital control (DDC) systems, this measure would further require that the associated control sequences to be in accordance with Guideline 36. This measure would include a prescriptive requirement that controls programming for DDC systems using control logic from an CEC-certified Guideline 36 programming library, based on certification requirements in a new joint appendix.

This measure would apply to all nonresidential building types, including new and replacement systems or alterations, with the exception of health care occupancies. The proposal would include updates to acceptance tests, and the intent is to include compliance credits for the performance approach for projects that use certified Guideline 36 programming libraries.

This change would streamline the delivery of HVAC control systems and reduce the level of effort in design, construction, and commissioning. Guideline 36 saves energy, time, and effort, and it improves compliance with existing code requirements.

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