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Nonresidential HVAC Controls

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Measure Description

ASHRAE Guideline 36

Title 24 includes aggressive HVAC controls requirements, but they have not been realized often enough in practice. Rather than placing the burden on designers and installers, ASHRAE Guideline 36 moves the process “upstream” to the manufacturer level where the controls are programmed into equipment and savings are automatically realized. The Title 24 Nonresidential Compliance Manual describes ASHRAE Guideline 36 as follows:

ASHRAE Guideline 36, High-Performance Sequences of Operation for HVAC Systems, provides peer-reviewed sequences of operation for HVAC systems, written in a format that can be readily implemented by building controls manufacturers and control system contractors. It is continuously updated by a large committee of engineers, manufacturers, scientists, and contractors following the rigorous ASHRAE public review process. These sequences are intended to maximize energy efficiency while maintaining good indoor air quality and comfort. The sequences have been configured and tested to provide control stability and real-time fault detection and diagnostics. Specifying Guideline 36 control sequences reduces risk of Energy Management Control System programming errors and provides a common set of terms and sequences to facilitate communication between specifiers, contractors, and operators.

Were this measure to be implemented into Title 24, control equipment would be designed to use Guideline 36 application libraries. Controls designers would specify Guideline 36 sequences of operation and Building Automation System (BAS) installers would leverage Guideline 36 application libraries that are certified by the Energy Commission. Over time, the expectation is that BAS installers would spend less time programming sequences and debugging control logic. This measure will streamline the design and installation process, and also achieve more efficient outcomes for buildings due to the use of high performance Guideline 36 sequences in BAS equipment.

Data Needs/Stakeholder Information Requests

For BAS manufacturers:

  1. How much of Guideline 36 sequences are incorporated into your application library?
  2. Can you share a list of compliant sequences, those in development, and future planned sequences for inclusion?
  3. How quickly are you adding additional sequences?
  4. What do you expect your library to include by January 2026?

For controls contractors:

  • With comprehensive and robust application libraries developed around Guideline 36 sequences of operation, do you expect installation costs to increase or decrease, and why?

Data may be provided anonymously. To participate or provide information, please email Rupam Singla ([email protected]) directly and copy [email protected].

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