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The California Energy Commission (CEC) has authority to adopt revisions to the voluntary energy efficiency requirements in Title 24, Part 11 (CALGreen). CALGreen includes both mandatory and voluntary measures.

During the 2022 code change cycle, the Statewide CASE Team prepared a CASE Report presenting code change proposals for the voluntary energy efficiency requirements in CALGreen.  The goal of the CASE Report is to:

  • Provide a useful resource for local jurisdictions.
  • Address growing interest in local all-electric codes by developing options that encourage all-electric construction.
  • Enable harmonization across jurisdictions.
  • Create a separate section of CALGreen for multifamily buildings to mirror the proposed Multifamily Chapter Restructuring for Title 24, Part 6.
  • Leverage existing data and reports.

The report contains pertinent information supporting the code change, including:

  • The objectives and factors guiding the prioritization, justification, and background analyses for the selected recommendations.
  • An orientation to CALGreen that explains how the proposed recommendations fit within the preexisting format. Information that is relevant to all the building types are presented here to reduce redundancy.
  • Energy savings, greenhouse gas reductions, and cost-effectiveness methodology and assumptions that are consistent across analyses for single family, multifamily, and nonresidential buildings.
  • Code Change Recommendations that contain descriptions, justifications, and energy and cost savings analysis for proposed changes to the CALGreen building standards code by building type.
  • Recommended revisions to the code language with strikethrough (deletions) and underlined (additions) language.
  • Energy and cost-effectiveness analyses for code change recommendations.
  • Report development resources and references.

Relevant Documents

Measure proposals, supporting documents, and other outside references will be made public as they become available.

Provide Feedback

View the California Energy Commission’s proposed code language and submit feedback by visiting their website.

This measure page will be updated as the 2022 code cycle progresses. For questions or suggestions, email
[email protected]. Include the measure name in the subject line.

Give Us Your Feedback

The Statewide CASE Team values input from all stakeholders engaged in the Title 24, Part 6 code change process. We encourage the open exchange of code change comments and concerns.

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