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Nonresidential Indoor Lighting

Measure Description

This CASE Report for nonresidential indoor lighting consists of two submeasures: networked lighting controls and update lighting power densities.

Networked Lighting Controls

This submeasure would provide power adjustment factors or allow a tradeoff to mandatory or prescriptive requirements to encourage the deployment of networked lighting controls. Networked lighting controls can readily be used to meet the current indoor lighting control requirements while providing advanced features for more efficient management and long-term energy benefits, including demand response readiness, flexible configuration for easily adapting to space usage and occupancy changes to ensure sustainable savings throughout the life of the system, and energy reporting for verifying energy usage, informing operation efficiency, and paving the way to the outcome-based code compliance pathways. The networked lighting controls requirements will be structured so designers are awarded for taking advantage of the advanced features of networked lighting controls features.

Update Lighting Power Densities

This submeasure would make relatively minor lighting power density updates to harmonize with revisions to the requirements in ASHRAE 189.1 that are under consideration in 2019.

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