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Measure Description

Elevator Energy Efficiency

This measure would look to modify or add to Section 120.6(f) in Title 24, Part 6 to incorporate additional mandatory performance requirement for elevators. Efforts would be focused on analyzing the cost-effectiveness of incorporating energy efficiency requirements for elevators in high-rise buildings. The new measures would lean heavily on the recently approved Addendum CF to ASHRAE 90.1 (2019). Addendum CF requires that the energy usage category of new elevators shall be class E or better per ISO 25745-2, table 7. California-specific energy costs will ultimately define the actual class levels required.

Data Needs/Stakeholder Information Requests

  • Costs: We are focused on obtaining information on costs to implement this measure. What are the differences in installation costs between an elevator design with no considerations made for energy efficiency vs our desired energy efficiency compliant elevators, and what are operating cost savings?
  • Standard Design Practices: We’d like to know what are the standard design practices for given building types and building heights for elevators.
  • Familiarity with ISO 25745-2: ISO 25745-2 defines elevator energy efficiency as a function of start-stop energy use, travel distance, and duty cycle. We’d like to know more about which energy efficiency rating would be best suited for California.

Data may be provided anonymously. To participate or provide information, please email DJ Joh,, directly and CC

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