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Nonresidential and Multifamily Elevators – No Longer Being Considered for the 2025 Code Cycle

Proposal Description

Measure Overview

This measure would modify and add to Section 120.6(f) in Title 24, Part 6 to incorporate additional mandatory performance requirements for elevators. The new code language would require all elevators with a rise of 33 and greater to be a traction elevator with regenerative motors.

Data Needs/Stakeholder Information Requests

  • Costs: The cost-effectiveness analysis was performed using very conservative (high) maintenance costs and modernization costs for our elevators. If you feel that our costs are still not representative for the proposed traction elevator types, please let us know.
  • Code Changes: We provided an exception to the regenerative drive requirement if it interferes with the building load; please let us know if the code language is ambiguous or challenging to interpret.
  • Life Cycle: The elevators were assumed to require an overhaul / modernization every 25 years, with standard maintenance needed yearly. If your maintenance or modernization timelines are different, please let us know.

Data may be provided anonymously. To participate or provide information, please email DJ Joh, [email protected], directly and CC [email protected].

Relevant Documents

Round Two Utility-Sponsored Stakeholder Meeting Materials

Round One Utility-Sponsored Stakeholder Meeting Materials

Provide Feedback

Submit feedback and view the Energy Commission's proceedings and available proposed code language by visiting their 2025 Building Energy Efficiency Standards page.

This measure page will be updated as the 2025 code cycle progresses. For questions or suggestions, email [email protected]. Please include the measure name in the subject line.

Give Us Your Feedback

The Statewide CASE Team values input from all stakeholders engaged in the Title 24, Part 6 code change process. We encourage the open exchange of code change comments and concerns.

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